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Terms and conditions of using the website www.mydrinkingbird.com

Shopping and online payment
When choosing one or more products you can make payment via PAYPAL system or by bank transfer. The system PAYPAL allows automatic payment and we receive information about the implementation of your purchase electronically. If you are using the method "Bank Transfer" the website stores your order and gives you a number of the stored transaction (which is the same as the reason of payment). When we receive the sum by this number we can see what kind of products you have chosen from our site. If you decide to change the selected products you have to generate a new number by re-entering the required data. The prices given in the first page of the web site are final retail prices not including the shipping. The ways of delivery, prices and duration you can see here: delivery info. On successful payment You will receive a confirmation e-mail containing information about the chosen producst.

Packing And Shipping
When we receive your payment we will complete your order the next working day and we will send it to the provided address. You will receive an e-mail with the date of delivery and the products chosen.

Check the status of an order
The website www.mydrinkingbird.com has a system for on-line information about orders and their status, which is accessible for our clients here:check status. You have updated information about if/where the payment is made and if/when the order is sent. If you have made an order it is stored in our database and you can check its status by the number of the transaction, which you will receive with the purchase. For the clients who are using the PAYPAL system the number of the transaction is the same as the number of the transaction generated by the PAYPAL system. You can check the number by logging in your account and see the information about the purchase to our website. For clients using bank transfer - the number of the transaction is generated by our website and is the same as the reason of the payment of the bank transfer. When the order is completed and the products are sent by us, they have to arrive to you before the date, shown by our system (usually it takes no more than 20 days).

Return Policy - Faulty Or Broken Items
If you receive a broken or not working drinking bird, please send it back to us within 10 days and we will send you a new one.

Return Policy - Unwanted Items
If you are not satisfied with the product you can return it within 10 days and we will give your money back through PayPal system or by banck transfer on the pointed by you bank account

Warranty of the product
The products "Drinking bird" have lifetime warranty, which is violated only by braking the product!