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About Us

drinking bird hand blowing    My name is Maksim Chuchulanov from Bulgaria and I am the producer of the Drinking bird. The Drinking Bird is an amazing product. I am making it by hand from glass tubes using flame from special burner. The other parts are from metal and plastic, which are made on special machines and with special tools. The overall shaping of the Drinking bird is also handmade. The liquid inside the bird is special. It does't burn, doesn't blow, doesn't have intoxicating nature and it is my secret.
   I have strarted to produce the Drinking Bird since the year of 1968. Since than it had made happy many people from all over the world. Because it drinks water continiously without any external intervation. There are no electrical batteries, nor mechanical springs. The drinking bird drinks everything. Everything you are drinking - coca-cola, beer, wine, whiskey, gin and etc. The drinking bird will also drink it.